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Our History

Since 2001, we have been helping Sacramento and Bay-area residents turn houses into homes. Every member of our team fully appreciates the sensitive nature of being welcomed into another’s home, which is why we take such great care to ensure that projects exceed the expectations of our clients. Specializing in every aspect of home remodels – from residential additions and replacement win- dows to full kitchen renovations and bathroom remodels – we pride ourselves on our attention todetail and the thrilled reactions we receive when the nished product is nally unveiled. We are a family business, and are proud to call Sacramento-area homeowners our neighbors! If you have any questions, please ask! We’re always here to help. After all, we love remodeling homes, and any opportunity to share our passion is a welcomed one!

Our History

Angie’s List
Reviews speak for themselves! We strive to keep our customers satisfied throughout the duration of the project. Check us out on Angie’s List. We have been verified by Angie’s List as “A” rated.

Better Business Bureau
Once again America’s Advantage Remodeling has been recognized by the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau has rated us as a A+ business!

Customer Lobby
America’s Advantage Remodeling is also a proud holder of a 5-star rating in Customer Lobby. We have been recognized for our service and professionalism.

Google Reviews
Google has rated us as a 5-star business as well! We believe our customers deserve expert-design, financial flexibility, uncompromising craftsmanship to deliver a memorable home improvement experience.

Guild Quality
We are a member of Guild Quality and hold a 5-star rating. Here at America’s Advantage we aim for customer satisfaction and the reviews speak for themselves.

Home Advisor
AAR has been screened and approved as a top rated business. We hold a 4.75-star rating and have been awarded winner of the year as the best Home Advisor member for the past 5 years.

We hold a 5-star rating with Houzz and are a recommended professional by the Houzz community. We have received client satisfaction awards from Houzz as well. Feel free to see our reviews and photos of projects we completed on there website.

America’s Advantage Remodeling holds a 4.5-star rating with Yelp. We rely on yelp to help us monitor the quality of service we provide. We rely on customer feedback to help monitor our customer satisfaction.


We have reached out to many different countries, and grown into an international support system. We have established many rehabilitation centers. We function as a network through which we connect with people and help them overcome drug and alcohol addictions. As we arrive to any new country, our plan is to build an orphanage for parentless children in the community and be there international support system.



5 star review on Google


5 star review on Advisor


Super Service Award


Member Since 2009


Member Since 2010


Member Since 2010

Our Services

What People Are Saying...

Merry T.

Eugene and his crew were great. This was the first time we contracted someone for a big project. They did an awesome job Remodeling our master bath, kitchen, and dining desk.  My husband and I were very satisfied with the work performed by America’s Advantage Remodeling. Our master bath, kitchen, and dining desk looks beyond beautiful. The project was completed within the time frame they specified(2-3weeks). They are all very acommodating. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Toni T.

We had our Kitchen & Master bathroom remodeled at the same time.  The Master bathroom was totally done by Tony & Amo from America Advantage Remodeling (AAR).  The tile work was phenomenal and my Master bathroom looks like something out of a magazine.  Tony & Amo were exceptional workers.  Tony & Amo were Very professional & they took pride in their work.  The Kitchen was done my various crew member from AAR & the finish product was BEAUTIFUL!  I was very impressed with the workmanship & performance of all AAR’s employees!

I have recommended AAR to several people & each person who has used them was very satisfied too!  This company has some very dedicated employees.  YES, I will use them again!!!!

Greg H.

We recently had an issue with some of the work that had been done by America’s Advantage last year, and they have been outstanding about taking care of it.

What needed to be done to make it right was not inexpensive, but Eugene and his team kept working with us until we figured out a solution that would make us happy.

I think that they take pride in making sure that they do the job right, and I continue to be thrilled that we chose them to do our work last year.

Danik K.

I don’t post too many reviews but I’m so glad I was referred to these guys!! They did an amazing job on my kitchen which was from the 70’s and just embarrassing. Now it’s perfect, I appreciate how they worked with me for a final product that I’m truly satisfied with. Plus the constant compliments from friends aren’t bad either! Definitely recommend.

Darin L.

My home either needed major siding repair work done followed by new paint or I needed to invest in new siding.  I researched products and found James Hardie siding would best meet my requirements of top quality product backed up by a solid warranty.  My search process led me to America’s Advantage Remodeling and I’m completely satisfied with my choice.

Rodney K.

The crew we had from AAR was amazing! They were able to sheath, side and trim our home with Hardy product in just a few weeks. It’s like they built us a new house! Then they sent in their gutter crew and had it done in just a few hours. These guys were all skilled and hardworking. I feel we definitely got our money’s worth and would highly recommend them to anyone.


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